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A drill is a tool fitted with a cutting tool attachment or driving tool attachment, usually a drill bit or driver bit, used for drilling holes in various materials or fastening various materials together with the use of fasteners. The attachment is gripped by a chuck at one end of the drill and rotated while pressed against the target material. The tip, and sometimes edges, of the cutting tool does the work of cutting into the target material. This may be slicing off thin shavings (twist drills or auger bits), grinding off small particles (oil drilling), crushing and removing pieces of the workpiece (SDS masonry drill), countersinking, counterboring, or other operations. Drills are commonly used in woodworking, metalworking, construction and do-it-yourself projects. Specially designed drills are also used in medicine, space missions and other applications. Drills are available with a wide variety of performance characteristics, such as power and capacity.

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Bosch GBM 10 RE Professional
Machine with 2 gears for challenging applications chuck for high precision and long lifetime drill c..
Rs 3,658
Based on 1 reviews.
Bosch GSB10RE 10mm Impact Drill
Suitable for professionals & DoItYourself at home and Technicians. Multi function Drilling machi..
Rs 2,845
Bosch GSB10RE 10mm Impact Drill With 100PCS Smart Tool Kit
The handiest tool in its class Extremely handy: no bigger than a glove and 1.6 kg light Softgrip for..
Rs 4,337
Bosch GSB13RE 13mm Impact Drill
Suitable for professionals & Do it yourself at home and technicians. Multi function Drilling mac..
Rs 4,337
Bosch GSB13RE 13mm Impact Drill With 100PCS Smart Tool Kit
Compact and powerful Powerful 701 watts Forward/reverse rotation Electronic control for exact pilot ..
Rs 5,944
Bosch GSB16RE 16mm 701 Watts Impact Drill
Rotatable brush plate for same power in forward and reverse direction Ergonomic switch with electron..
Rs 5,656
DeWalt DWD022-B1 10mm 550w Impact Drill
Dewalt 10mm Impact Hammer Dril works on 230Volt, 50Hz power supply. It having 10mm (3/8") size chuck..
Rs 4,260
DWD024B1 Impact Drill
Low weight ensures the drill is easy to use and it reduces user fatigue Compact design enables comfo..
Rs 5,730
KPT 561 10mm Impact Drill
Sturdy 600 W motor easy to handle due to compact design, even in overhead drilling and in tight spac..
Rs 3,060
KPT 563 13mm Impact Drill
850 W robust motor with proven reliability for use in fabrication & concrete palm grip & add..
Rs 3,550
KTD10REB 10mm Impact Drill
Handy Tool for household applications like fixing pictures, blends, switches and for small plumbing ..
Rs 3,210
KTD13REB 13mm Percussion Drill
Ideal for drilling anchors and fixing holes into concrete & masonry Drilling Range from 420 mm E..
Rs 3,510